Heavy machinery towing in the hämeenlinna region

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Hämeenlinnan Raskashinaus Eskola Ltd provides heavy machinery towing carried out by trusted professionals. We operate in the Hämeenlinna region, Kanta-Häme and Uusimaa. We tow all heavy vehicles, such as trucks and buses. We also arrange pick-ups from all over Finland and abroad. For your convenience, we have ADR-certified drivers for classes 1-9.


We have the necessary equipment, expertise and experience to tow your heavy machinery correctly and safely.

We here at Hämeenlinnan Raskashinaus Eskola Ltd are very excited about our latest acquisition in the field of heavy towing.


We have purchased a brand new DAF xf 530 tow truck, equipped with Omars' customized towing gear. It is the first of its kind in all of Finland.


Towards a greener future with new machinery. This project aimed to expand our business with environmentally friendly equipment.

Our heavy-duty services include:

  • fuel discharges
  • winching
  • towing
  • international pick-ups
  • buses
  • ADR-transport
  • on-site airbag replacements
  • on-site tyre changes.
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A development grant for new, environmentally friendly heavy-duty towing equipment

Hämeenlinnan Raskashinaus Eskola Ltd was awarded a development grant from the Rural Development Programme of Mainland Finland in 2014-2020 for the purchase of new towing equipment.

Request heavy machinery towing from Hämeenlinnan Raskashinaus. We serve in Kanta-Häme and Uusimaa.

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